How to Bill IFH

Approved Provider Status

In order for providers to bill for patients covered by IFHP they must first regsiter with Medavie Blue Cross online or by printable form to become an IFHP approved provider.

Assessing Client Eligibility

Once a client has presented their IFHP form (either an Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility for Refugees or Refugee Protection Claimant Document for Refugee Claimants) the provider must confirm the following:

  • Client matches person in photograph

  • Current validity of IFHP coverage through the secure provider web portal or by phone at 1-888-614-1880.

  • Even when the presented document indicates that IFHP coverage has not expired, providers MUST verify the current eligibility status since IRCC may have cancelled the client’s IFHP coverage due to a change in their immigration or financial status.

  • Providers must confirm coverage using the Client ID number, which is the eight-digit number that appears in the text box in the upper right-hand corner of the document.

Secure Provider Web Portal and Electronic Claims Submission Service

  • Medavie Blue Cross offers a secure provider web portal allowing all registered IFHP provider types to submit prior approval requests online through the secure provider web portal.

  • The electronic claims submissions service enables the provider to pre-determine client eligibility, submit claims with real-time adjudication and confirm the amount to be paid by Medavie Blue Cross.

  • To register for this service, please visit the secure provider web portal and complete the online provider portal self-registration form.

  • For billing issues, first contact Medavie Blue Cross at the above number, or email If issues are unresolved, contact, also available at 1-613-957-5896.

Claim Submission Guideline

The claim submission guideline must be made within 6 months of the service provided. When submitting claims, the following information must be included:

  1. Client information: name, date of birth, the eight-digit client ID number indicated on the IFHP Certificate of Eligibility or the Refugee Protection Claimant Document.

  2. Provider information: name, speciality (if applicable), name of referring prescriber (if specialist is claiming the fee), provider number, address, telephone number and fax number.

  3. Claim information: invoice number (if applicable), date of service, fee code or service provided, ICD code or diagnosis (does not apply to dentists or pharmacists), amount claimed and prior approval, if required.

Fee Policy

  • The IFHP fee policy is to reimburse according to provincially/territorially set fee rates for local residents.

  • Reimbursement will be made according to the rate in place on the date of service.

  • Where provincial/territorial rates for local residents do not exist (i.e., hospital facility fees, etc.), IFHP has developed its own reimbursement rates.

PaymentMedavie Blue Cross will make payment to the Provider or an Assignee (in cases where payment has been assigned to a third party) every second week for the amount due for claims received and adjudicated during the relevant claim period.

  • The payment, together with a payment summary detailing all claims submitted during that period, will be mailed directly to the Provider.

  • Regardless of the method of payment chosen, a bi-weekly payment summary will be sent by mail for reconciliation purposes. A direct deposit registration form may be printed from the secure provider web portal.

  • The Provider will examine and verify the accuracy of the payment summary when received and will notify Medavie Blue Cross in writing of any error or omission within thirty (30) days of its receipt.